2020 TCIA(Taiwan Continuous Improvement Awards)Triple circle engineering group(Golden tower award)

JHS founded in Aug 2003 is the high purity gas supplier to Advanced Semiconductor industry. Our customer base includes Semiconductor, FPD, Solar cell, LED and food product field. JHS devotes to supply industrial gases, electronic grade gases, food grade gases to customer with best solution and fine services.

JHS pursues high quality and be honored of Golden tower award of TCIATaiwan Continuous Improvement AwardsTo meet the demand of customer and industry development trend, JHS has the certificates in ISO and HACCP etc. We encourage and reward to employee who improves the quality, reduces the waste, save energy and so on.

JHS choose the best employee from Low purity dept., High purity dept., and ESH dept., and collaborate to participate in TCIA (Taiwan Continuous Improvement Awards). Our topic is optimizing the process and improving the quality with the concept of green recycling and sustainable operation.

We achieved the goal of the event in accordance with the procedures of P (Plan), D (Do), C (Check), and A (Act), and successfully converted the purchased raw materials into factory self-made to achieve upward integration. As the improvement results are fruitful, in addition to substantial savings in raw material costs and quality optimization, the participating departments have also escaped Sectionalism and worked together to complete this improvement, which has greatly improved morale and deepened the understanding of the importance of quality control in all aspects of work. Through the efforts of the circle members and the guidance of the superiors in this competition, the circle won the Golden Tower Award in the 2020 Taiwan Continuous Improvement Competition. 

In the face of the rapid changes in the industrial environment and the continuous improvement of semiconductor manufacturing processes, Jing He will use the experience of this cross-departmental cooperation to expand in parallel to various improvement activities, hoping to achieve integration benefits and enlarge the improvement results, and continue to work hard, actively and innovatively. Accept the challenge with an attitude, look forward to becoming a gas supplier trusted by customers, and continue to improve with the goal of “Founding in Taiwan, looking at the world, and marching toward international”.