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About us

Jing He Science (JHS) has been developing in Taiwan for decades. Adhering to the concept of “Pursuing Excellence, Service First,” we manufacture high-standard and diversified gas products. In response to the trend of globalization, we successively set up service spots in Shanghai, Singapore, the United States and other regions to endeavor satisfying the needs of customers from all over the world and in different industries.

Moreover, we also adhere to the following three missions:
Quality - Continuously optimizing product quality is our primary policy
Professionalism - Creating a complete gas supply chain and providing a series of cooperation programs
Sustainability - Applying the concept of the green cycle and contributing to the environment

Over the years, Jing He has not only accumulated abundant cooperation experience with various industries in Taiwan and abroad, but also become one of the excellent gas suppliers of well-known manufacturers such as TSMC and UMC. We believe that the cooperation experience accumulated in the past is the important foundation stone of our continuous growth. Going forward, we will take these nutrients and actively expand our domestic and foreign business.

In the future, our goal will be to “Look at the World and March toward the International” and become the gas supplier everyone trusts. We will devote ourselves to professional services and technology, and march out of Taiwan with solid steps to let the world see Jing He.



BSGS has always been the strength of Jing He Science. We offer a stable and safe supply of specialty gases.

SG system

We have a professional team to help customers set up SG systems from design to construction.


We can help customers customize gas cabins, gas racks, VMBs/VMPs according to different gas properties.

After-sales service

We are always there for you to provide solutions for any problems you encounter.

Packaging containers

We provide various packaging containers with different capacities to meet customer’s requirement.


We have various gas analyzers that can precisely measure impurities to ensure high quality.


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