Jing He Science Co., Ltd. announces a new investment in Arizona, USA and establishes a subsidiary, Jing He Science Arizona INC

The new plant is estimated to enter the stage of mass production by the end of 2024

With the approval of the board, Jing He Science Co., Ltd. announces to build a new plant in Arizona, USA and establishes a subsidiary, Jing He Science Arizona INC. The main products are CO2, N2O, HCL, and wafer cleaner (BDR-400). The construction of the new plant is estimated to be completed in 2024.

The U.S. government expects to make Arizona the biggest semiconductor cluster in the U.S. At present, major semiconductor corporations in the world have set up plants in Arizona, including TSMC, Intel, National Semiconductor…etc. A well-known semiconductor packaging and testing company, Amkor, is also headquartered in Arizona. There are more than 65 semiconductor companies here.

With the increasing demand for electronic products, the demand for chips is also rising day by day, and the demand for high-purity electronic-grade specialty gas is also increasing relatively. Jing He Science decides to expand its business territory to Arizona, USA, to supply high-purity specialty gas to major semiconductor manufacturers in the United States. Jing He Science expects to become an important part in the semiconductor material supply chain in the U.S.

Jing He Science Co., Ltd. was established in August, 2003. The headquarters is located in Taoyuan City, Taiwan, and the production plant is located in Yunlin County, Taiwan. It mainly supplies electronic grade special gases, food grade gases, specialty chemical, and gas supply system construction

Jing He Science not only has advanced production equipment and analysis instruments, but also has a professional technical team. In addition to the certifications of ISO9001/ ISO14001/ ISO45001/ ISO22000/ HACCP, it has also won a number of awards.

Over the years, Jing He has not only accumulated a lot of cooperation experience with various industries in Taiwan and abroad, but has also become one of the excellent gas suppliers of well-known manufacturers such as TSMC and UMC. We also believe in the cooperation experiences accumulated in the past. These are important foundation stone of our continuous growth. In the future, we will take these nutrients to actively expand domestic and overseas business.

In the future, we will aim at “Look at the World and March toward International” and become a trusted gas supplier. We will devote ourselves to professional services and technology, and step out of Taiwan on a solid footstep, and let the world see Jing He.