Assist semiconductor 3nm chip to be put into production, Jing He Science invests 600 million NTD to build a new factory.

Invest Taiwan, the joint review meeting of the “Small and Medium Enterprise Accelerated Investment Action Plan” added 7 SMEs to expand their investment by 3.4 billion NTD, including HOLD WELL INDUSTRIAL, KeenHammer Tech, TCE, Taiwan Agricultural Biotechnology, Jing He Science, Hantech and TRI OCEAN SEAFOOD. At present, the “Small and Medium Enterprises Accelerated Investment Action Plan” has passed 381 SMEs, with an investment of approximately 161.7 billion NTD.

According to the investment office, “Jing He Science”, a leader in electronic grade specialty gases, mainly provides ultra-high purity gases, chemicals and specialty gas supply systems for semiconductor, solar energy, LCD, LED and other industries. In addition to meeting the needs of domestic industry players, their products are also exported to Mainland China, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and the United States. In response to the 3nm production of the semiconductor industry in the future, as well as the market demand for electronic grade CO2, food grade N2O and HCL, it plans to spend more than 600 million NTD to build a factory in Douliu City, Yunlin, and introduce intelligent production systems, such as equipment network monitoring. , Cylinder management system, etc., continue to provide products trusted by the industry.

Up to now, the total investment in Taiwan’s three major projects has driven 670 companies to invest approximately 111,181 billion NTD, and is estimated to create 93,668 domestic employment opportunities. There are still 40 companies waiting in line for review.

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